Speaker Title
Hiroaki Aikawa    Intrinsic ultracontractivity and the boundary Harnack principle
Sebastian Andres    Continuity and estimates for the Liouville heat kernel
Jongchun Bae    Regularity for fully nonlinear equation driven by spatial-inhomogeneous nonlocal operator
Lucian Beznea    Branching processes and stochastic fragmentation equation
Marek Biskup    Extreme points of two-dimensional discrete Gaussian Free Field
Tzuu-Shuh Chiang    Fluctuation of Diffusions in Discontinuous Media
David Croydon    Subsequential scaling limits of simple random walk on the two-dimensional uniform spanning tree
Zhao Dong    Derivative Formula, Coupling Property and Strong Feller for S(P)DEs Driven by Lévy Processes
Tomasz Grzywny    Exit time from the smooth domain for unimodal Lévy processes
Paul Jung    Lévy-Khintchine random matrices
Jaehoon Kang    Tangential limits for harmonic functions with respect to φ(∆): stable and beyond
Daehong Kim    Convergence of measures penalized by generalized Feynman-Kac transforms
Ildoo Kim    An Lp-theory for a class of non-local elliptic equations related to nonsymmetric measurable kernels
Kyung-youn Kim    Global heat kernel estimates for symmetric Markov processes dominated by stable-like processes in exterior
Victoria Knopova    On the construction of a Markov process related to certain pseudo-differential operator
Tadeusz Kulczycki    On concavity of the expected value of the first exit time of the Cauchy process
Takashi Kumagai    Heat kernel estimates and local CLT for random walk among random conductances with a power-law tail near zero
Seiichiro Kusuoka    Hölder and Lipschitz continuity of the solutions to parabolic equations of non-divergence type
Kazumasa Kuwada    On the speed in Wasserstein distances of heat distributions
Kazuhiro Kuwae    On a stability of heat kernel estimates under generalized Feynman-Kac perturbations
Yunju Lee    Relative Fatou theorem for subordinate Brownian motion with Gaussian components in C1,1 open sets
Russel Lyolns    Spectral Embedding Bounds Random Walk Eigenvalues and Return Probabilities
Zhi-Ming Ma    Transformation of Markov Jump Processes and Applications in Genetic Study
Carlo Marinelli    Maximal inequalities for Lq-valued stochastic integrals and convolutions with jumps and applications to SPDEs
Gerg Markowsky    The exit time of planar Brownian motion and the Phragmén-Lindelöf principle
Ante Mimica    Intrinsic scaling properties for nonlocal operators
Hirofumi Osada    Dynamical rigidity of Ginibre interacting Brownian motions
Youssef Ouknine    On the study of processes of classes (∑(H)) and (∑s(H))
Shige Peng    SDE, BSDE and PDE through a Strong Version of Itô’s Formula
Kavita Ramanan    Obliquely Reflected Brownian motions (ORBMs) in Non-Smooth Domains
Yan-Xia Ren    Limit Theorems for Some Critical Superprocesses
Francesco Russo    Calculus via regularizations in Banach spaces: path dependent calculus and Kolmogorov type equations
Erfan Salavati    A New Inequality for Stochastic Convolution Integrals
Timo Seppalainen    The exactly solvable log-gamma polymer
Shuenn-Jyi Sheu    Portfolio Optimization in Incomplete Markets: An Iterative Method
Jiyong Shin    On the stochastic regularity of distorted Brownian motion
Yuichi Shiozawa    Escape rate of symmetric jump-diffusion processes
Daisuke Shiraishi    Growth exponent for loop-erased random walk in three dimensions
Shang-Yuan Shiu    Semi-discrete semi-linear parabolic SPDEs
Renming Song    Central Limit Theorems for Supercritical Branching Markov Processes
Jason Swanson    Joint convergence along different subsequences of the signed cubic variation of fractional Brownian motion
Anna Talarczyk    Second order asymptotics for the block counting process in a Λ-coalescent at small times
Toshihiro Uemura    On a conservativeness of jump-type semi-Dirichlet forms
Zoran Vondracek    Absolute continuity and singularity of probability measures induced by a purely discontinuous Girsanov transform of a stable process
Jian Wang    Intrinsic Ultracontractivity of Feynman-Kac Semigroups for Symmetric Jump Processes
Horng-Tzer Yau    Universality of random matrices, Dyson Brownian Motion and Quantum Unique Ergodicity
Tusheng Zhang    Smoothness of Solutions of SDEs with Singular
Xicheng Zhang    Nonlocal Hormänder’s Hypoellipticity Theorem
Xiangchan Zhu    Three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations driven by space-time white noise